Horror Con Scotland Glasgow

Over 18's after show

Welcome to the After Dark Extravaganza at Horror Con Scotland

Are you prepared to cross the threshold into darkness? This September, Horror Con Scotland unfurls its shadowy wings to unveil an After Show exclusively for those over 18, a chilling conclave where the veil between reality and nightmare thins to oblivion. Within the ghostly halls of the Lomond Auditorium at the SEC, our sinister soirée commences at 6pm, charting a course through the deepest fears of the human psyche, concluding in the witching hours around 9:30pm "ish."

Dr Bonks macarbaret main image copy - Eliott Simpson (1)

Scotland's silliest surgeon, Doctor Bonk, presents the Macarbaret: an hour of spooky drag, burlesque, comedy, and medical mayhem starring the not-so-good doctor and an all-sorts assortment of spooky performers! There'll be laughs and scares galore as anything goes in this madcap hour of madness!

Join the undead plague Doctor, Dr. Bonk, his unseen ghostly narrator, and his sinister selection of spine-chilling acts! They'll make you laugh, cry, scream and laugh again, often all at once. Expect the unexpected, and come on in. The Doctor will see you now!

Facebook: Doctor Bonk

X and Instagram: @DoctorBonk69

Ash Pryce Paranormal Illusionist (2)

Networking at its finest

Are you brave enough to attend an unsettling night of ghosts? Step into Ash's parlour for an experience with the paranormal and things that go BUMP in the night as you step into the world of Seance. A unique and original blend of magic, supernatural themed illusions, and ghost stories told by candlelight. Ash has sold out the Edinburgh Horror Festival every year since its inception in 2016, has toured the U.K with his shows, and appeared on BBC Scotland as an expert on the weird.

Facebook and Instagram: @itsashpryce

"...unique and original ...a clever and well-crafted show" - World Magic Review 

"Prepare to be convinced about the thin veil that separates our world from the next" - The Wee Review 

“★★★★★ If you want to see something truly amazing... this is the man to show you.“ – Bunbury Magazine

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Cadaverous Black 

Horror Drag show from Hell

The Black Death Himself has returned from the dark medieval lands of yesteryear to once again spread his plague across the land. Cadaverous Black is a UK based Horror Drag Artist and Drag Monster based in North West England. He combines live vocals, magic, and magical effects, great costuming, great stage presence, and immersive horror theatre in a one of a kind experience. He is the epitome of Darkness and truly delivers a one of a kind spooktacular show.

Social Media https://www.instagram.com/cadaverousblack

Upgrade to the Plague Pit!

All peasants that wish to experience the show from a one of a kind more personal immersive perspective this is for YOU! You will be seated front row and be fully immersed in the (Atmosfear) And the full Cadaverous Black Effect. You will feel the heat, feel the chills and smell the rot of the Black Death Himself, up close and personal. You will get access to a pre show meet and greet/ photo opportunity and You may be picked on and invited on stage to take part in his show. Warning this is not for the faint hearted, there will be no turning back you will be at the Mercy of Cadaverous Black!