Laura Ripley Northern Frights

Laura Ripley

 RBS Female Entrepreneur 2023

FSB Self Employed Award 2024

Our story

At Northern Frights, we identified a significant void within Scotland's event offerings—a dedicated horror convention crafted for lovers of the eerie, the unsettling, and the outright spooky. Founded by Laura Ripley, a visionary recognised as the RBS Female Entrepreneur of 2023 and recipient of the FSB Self Employed Award in 2024, our independent company is fueled by a singular passion for bringing events to Scotland that Laura felt was missing.

In line with our mission, we actively partner with other companies and creatives across Scotland to showcase the rich talent within our country. From other horror event organisers and filmmakers to authors and special effects artists, our partnerships help highlight the diversity and creativity of Scotland’s horror  community.

Northern Frights is committed to creating events that are comfortable and accessible for all, including those who might find traditional conventions overwhelming. Our events are carefully designed to avoid overcrowding, featuring various themed areas to cater to different interests and comfort levels.

We understand that everyone experiences events differently, especially those who are neurodivergent (like Laura). To accommodate this, our events include relaxed areas where guests can take a break if the excitement becomes too intense. These quiet zones provide a space to unwind and recharge, ensuring that all our guests can enjoy the event at their own pace and comfort level.

Our vision extends beyond replicating the large-scale conventions you might be familiar with. Instead, our focus is rooted deeply in fostering a supportive environment for Scottish creatives and nurturing the horror and fantasy culture within Scotland. Our events are thoughtfully crafted to highlight and celebrate the talents of local artists, writers, filmmakers, and businesses, creating a platform where Scottish creativity can thrive and be appreciated.

We pride ourselves on offering an alternative, more intimate setting that not only respects the diverse needs of our attendees but also strengthens the local creative industry. By choosing to join us at Horror Con Scotland, you're not just attending an event; you're supporting a community-driven initiative that values inclusivity, creativity, and the unique contributions of Scotland's creative talents.

Join us in our journey to create a distinctively Scottish celebration of horror and fantasy—where every experience is crafted with care, and every interaction supports the thriving landscape of Scottish arts and culture.

"Fab event. I’m delighted that it’s coming back even bigger next year"

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