Sponsorship Packages

We are open to discussing any other ideas you may have to get involved with Horror Con Scotland. 

Why Sponsor Us

In 2023, I received the prestigious RBS Female Entrepreneur Award and in 2024 the FSB self-employed award in recognition of my dedication to innovation and excellence in event planning, as well as for introducing new and exciting experiences to Scotland. Now, I extend an invitation to you to be part of this thrilling adventure.

Horror Con Scotland is set to be the most thrilling and chilling event of the year, taking place on the 21st of September at the SEC in Glasgow. Scotlands only Horror Con is not just a convention; it's a celebration of all things horror, aiming to welcome an impressive 4,000 guests in its first year in Glasgow (starting in Aberdeen in 2022). With plans already in motion to expand in 2025, this event promises to be a landmark in the horror community.

Horror Con Scotland is more than just a meet-and-greet with famous faces. This event is a comprehensive horror experience, featuring movie screenings, on-stage entertainment, interactive exhibits, themed photo areas and so much more.

Whether you're a die-hard horror fan or just looking for an exciting and unique way to spend a day, Horror Con Scotland is the place to be. Mark your calendars for September 21st and be part of the beginning of something truly terrifying and terrific!

  • Unique Engagement Opportunity: This event is a celebration of the horror genre, attracting fans who are deeply immersed in the world of horror movies, literature, and art. Sponsoring Horror Con Scotland means connecting with an audience that is not just passive viewers but active enthusiasts.
  • Targeted Audience Reach: Horror Con Scotland is a magnet for a wide range of demographics, drawing in everyone from young adults fascinated by modern horror trends to seasoned fans of classic horror. This event is an ideal platform for brands looking to gain visibility among a specific yet diverse group of individuals.
  • Brand Alignment with Creativity and Innovation: By sponsoring Horror Con Scotland, your brand aligns itself with the creativity and innovation inherent in the horror genre. This event is a celebration of the imaginative and often boundary-pushing aspects of horror, from special effects and makeup artistry to storytelling and set design. Aligning your brand with Horror Con Scotland enhances your image as a supporter of artistic expression, creativity, and the rich cultural tapestry of the horror community. It's an opportunity to be viewed as a forward-thinking brand that values and supports the arts and entertainment in a unique and compelling way.

Sponsorship Packages

A reserved seat in front of the stage in rows 2-4. This is valid all day

A reserved seat in the front row of the stage all day 

  • Logo placement on event website.
  • Social media shoutout.
  • Acknowledgment in the digital event program.
  • Logo and name featured in a dedicated "Community Sponsors" section in the event program.
  • Social media shoutout thanking the sponsor.
  • Opportunity to provide promotional materials

Your companies banner/logo to be featured by a photo prop in sight for people taking their photos/selfies 

  • All Bronze Package benefits.
  • Small logo placement on select event banners.
  • 2 free event passes.
  • 1 shout on on the stage during the day before an act.
  • Your logo/name on the screen during a panel discussion.
  • Mention in the event program and website as a panel sponsor.
  • Opportunity to provide branded materials or signage at the panel.

Your company name/logo shown before each companies horror film screening and a shout out throughout the day.

  • All Silver Package benefits.
  • Large logo placement on event banners in one of our 2nd floor rooms
  • Logo featured in email marketing campaigns.
  • 6ft booth space for promotion in the entrance room.
  • 5 free event passes.
  • Our photobooth provides all digital photos to all guests free of charge.
  • Exclusive branding on all photobooth photos.
  • Logo and link on the event website and social media platforms.
  • Banner featured prominently in the first room all members of the public walk into.
  • 24ft trader space at a prime location.
  • Dedicated social media posts promoting the sponsor. Large logo placement on main event banner and stage banner.
  • 10 free event passes.
  • Opportunity to sponsor a specific room or attraction.
  • All Platinum Package benefits.
  • Prime logo placement on all event materials.
  • Main stage naming rights with shout outs throughout the day
  • Exclusive meet-and-greet (autographs and digital photo) opportunities with guests.
  • Your company name/logo on the entry lanyards.
  • 20 free event passes.
  • Prominent booth location.

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