Movie Screenings

23 (12)
SEC, Glasgow - 21st September 2024

Horror Movie Screenings

Join us for some horror movie screenings, plus some Q&A sessions straight after.

Timings will be confirmed nearer the event.

More films to be announced. 


Interested in screening your film? Please get in touch


More to be announced - timings tbc nearer the date

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Skelf by Screaming Unicorn

Two siblings find an abandoned Christmas present and set free an evil Elf Doll; turning their Christmas into a fight for survival.

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Run away and hide by Screaming Unicorn

A young woman walks alone at night... Or is she really alone? A short film inspired by doppelgänger lore with a Screaming Unicorn twist!

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Happy Hour by Screaming Unicorn

A romantic night that ends with a smile. But be careful... Smiles can be contagious.

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HATRED - Liam K. Downie

The story of HATRED follows struggling screenwriter and self-published author Abigail as she becomes the unsuspecting target of a deranged, hate-fuelled serial killer that hides a tragic secret. "The film is a love letter to the classic slasher films that i took inspiration from such as HALLOWEEN and Scream."